1. The Donaldson and Donaldson-Seymour Funeral Home is required to adhere to the regulations set forth by the NYS Department of Health, St. Lawrence and Franklin County Public Health Departments, and CDC. In coordination with the Canadian Health officials, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe.

2. This funeral home will continue to serve the needs of the community regards to the death of a community with full staff but, under the following guidelines.

3. IMMEDIATE family is listed as spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings of deceased – as the Executive Order states as few as possible with social distances in place. We, at Donaldson Funeral Home, will accommodate families that are larger than 10, allowing periods of time to “cycle” immediate family members through for a ‘private viewing’ period. These will be limited time slots.

4. Due to the fact that we are serving multiple families with these same restrictions and the requirement to clean our facilities in between uses, timing of services may be impacted.

5. Should a person be in self-quarantine or show any symptoms, we would ask that they not enter the building for the safety of the visitors and staff.

6. These guidelines are in place for all services for individuals who are attending services for a person that is NOT infected with the COVID-19 illness. Should the death occur due the COVID -19 illness a completely different set of procedures may be put into place.

7. These provisions are set in place, not as an inconvenience to us, but as a manner to prevent a mass infected incident that could result with mass casualties.

8. As this is a very fluid situation, these guidelines may change at any given time and without much notice.

9. Each and everyone of us have a social and community responsibility to do our part to stop the spread this deadly illness by STAYING HOME!


Chad W. Green, Owner
Brendon J. Hardy, Director